seal spotting on the schelde!  

In the Westerschelde there are many seals!
If you watch closely you can see them swim or lay on the sandbanks at low tide. If you want to see
them from nearby come on Scheldesafari with us!

With our sturdy RIB (space for 8 persons max. ) we´ll go towards the sandbanks that will appear at
low tide. Here dozens of seals can be seen. Obviously we will not go onto the sandbanks but stay at
an appropriate distance from where we can observe them well!

Cool experience
Going on Scheldesafari is a fun experience and an adventure for young and old! As a family activity,
while on holiday or as a company trip!
During the tour you will not only enjoy the many seals that can be seen but also the grand view of
the Westerschelde
, the beautiful skies above your head, the wind in your hair and the big impressing
ships that pass you closely.  

Starting point
We will start the tour and search for the seal in the little habour of Hoedekenskerke from where we
will go out onto the Westerschelde. After about 40 minutes we will be back in the habour.
There is plenty of free parking for bikes and cars.